Friday, November 6, 2009


I'm at a bit of a loss for words! Where do I start?

Ok, so Evan had physical therapy this afternoon. We ended up in San Marcos at 5pm, hungry, dreading Friday night rush hour traffic on the 78. I thought, why not kill two birds with one stone @ Pizza Nova, this yummy Italian restaurant across the freeway? We filled our bellies with yummy garlic balls, salad, and pizza, and then had a relatively traffic-free drive home. Thank goodness.

As we got off the 15 in Escondido, I asked Evan, "Soooo, should we stop anywhere on the way home?" He asked if we had any tests at the house, which we didn't since I had taken all of them in the months prior. At the last minute, I went straight instead of right at Valley Parkway so we could run into Target. We get inside, and Evan asks, "What did we come here for again?" Gotta love men. "Wellll, we need shaving cream, toothpaste, ummm, pregnancy tests..." Right. It's so much easier for men to forget. They aren't the ones who sit around thinking, "Is there a BABY growing inside my belly right now?" So crazy.

He wandered off to who knows where while I strolled downed the feminine care aisle. Another woman was hunched over examining the differences between ovulation predictors. She must be trying too. I almost felt bad grabbing a box of tests right in front of her, like it was mean or something. Weird, right? Must be the hormones. So I bend over and quickly grab a 3-pack of Clear Blue Early Detection tests. Yes, a 3-pack. Why? Not quite sure. Guess I figured we'd go home and the test would be negative, so I would need those extras for the next time I convinced myself I was preggo and wasn't. Always thinking ahead, I am.

I tossed the box in my little red hand basked, found Evan, grabbed some shaving cream and toothpaste, and then asked if we needed anything else. "We should probably get a toy for the baby, right?" he says. Too cute. I say "Absolutely," and we had back, through all aisles that look like Christmas exploded on them. Evan goes straight for the miniature skateboards- you know, one of the least baby-friendly items they stock at Target- and asks if it would be ok to buy the baby one. He makes me laugh. Instead of any easily-to-swallow toys, we decide on a Rubik's Cube. Evan & I both know how to solve the cube in less than five minutes, so why shouldn't the baby be able to learn? "He, or she, is going to be a genius," says Evan as we check out.

Did I mention I had to pee soooooo bad at Target, but that I didn't want to go because then I wouldn't have any left for the test? And I wasn't about to take the test at Target, so I held it? So we pull up to the house, I run in, grab the box of tests, and make a b-line for the bathroom. Evan wants to watch, but I make him wait outside the door. I frantically tear open the little foil wrapper that says "ept" in purple all over it, remove the plastic protector cap from the end, and here we go... testing in progress. No sooner had I put the cap back on, placed in on the counter, and started to wipe, and Evan is bursting in. "Soo, are you?! Are you?" The instructions always say to wait 5 or 10 minutes, but our test started changing within a couple seconds. We could see the pee traveling through the first window and over to the second window. I was pretty sure I could already see lines showing up in both, so I looked closer. As we both hovered over the little plastic wand, I noticed that a + sign was slowly appearing in the indicator window. A plus sign! I blurted out something like, "Oh my gosh, I'm pregnant. See, I knew I was!"

And then Evan turns towards the toilet and starts peeing. Yep. No hug, no kiss. I guess he had to go just as bad as I did! We hugged and kissed once he was done, and then we wandered back into the living room. "You are going to save that, aren't you?" he asked, looking at the test. "Of course." We took a couple pictures of ourselves holding the positive test, and then Evan called his friends Jason & Chris, and I called Jennifer. Talk about excited! They were all so cute. We decided to tell my mom when we see her in two weeks... It'll be better in person, right?

We're still in shock. It hasn't hit us yet. Not that we're not excited, but it's just so weird to think that there's a human growing inside me... that we're going to be parents... When does that shock go away? Soon, I hope! :o)

Here's the picture we took with the test. Cute, right?!

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