Wednesday, November 11, 2009

in one word {exhausted}

While I'd love to journal every day during this pregnancy, I know it's just not going to happen. There's this thing you may know about called "life" that keeps getting in my way, arg!

Here's an brief {or maybe not-so-brief,} sinopsis of the last 4 days:

.Took Evan to work @ 8am.
.Got the car washed {so dirty and dusty!}
.Drove home, had a snack.
.Left for photo shoot in Presidio Park with Kara and her son, Javon.
.Had an awesome time shooting pics for Javon's zed card {he just signed with an agency!}
.Definitely exhausted after shoot, whew!
.Drove downtown to House of Blues
.Bought concert tickets at box office to save on fees {boo, Ticketmaster.}
.Drove home, cooked lunch.
.Picked Ev up from work @ 4.
.Cooked shrimp tacos for dinner.
.Contemplated what 6oz of shrimp looks like, and whether I should be eating shrimp at all. Hope so.
.Watched documentary called "Food, Inc." Don't ever want to eat poultry, beef, or pork again. Ever.

Overall, Saturday was a great day. Javon's photos turned out great. I'm realizing it's much easier to shoot kids who are a bit older and can take direction. Duh. Other than being extremely {EXTREMELY,} tired, I'm feeling great. Little bloated, but hey- I can't complain. Things are going well. :o)

.Evan was off, so we slept in a bit.
.Got up, went for walk/run. Ran 2 miles, walked 1. Not as much energy as usual, but not bad, right?!
.Cleaned up and then drove to Temecula for Andrea's Tastefully Simple party.
.Broke the news by putting the pic of us with the test and "Andrea- you're going to be an AUNTIE!!!!!" on my laptop screen {she had asked to see Ireland pics}
.Andrea cried. Told her the details. Excited would be an understatement.
.Ate yummy food with the girls for a couple hours.
.Told James when he got home. He's soooo excited.
.Got the book "What to Expect When You are Expecting" from Andrea. Cute.
.Drove home, spent some time relaxing with Ev.
.Watched the Chargers beat the Giants. Yay!
.Don't remember much else, except for reading and that I was TIRED!

The belly:

.Ev & I both had to work.
.Work, work, work.
.Met with Moira & her three daughters to discuss our photo shoot on Saturday. They're adorable, can't wait.
.Got home around 6, just in time to have dinner with Ev & Jared- shrimp tacos again. Still hoping shrimp is ok, because I don't eat much else meat. Hehe.
.Made white chocolate-covered pretzel sticks with sprinkles w/ Ev. Soooooo yummy.
.Super tired again, so I relaxed and then went to beddy bye.

Pretzel Sticks...

.Ev & I took the day off because he had an appointment with his surgeon down in El Cajon.
.Went for a 3 mile run/walk. Ran further than Sunday, woohoo. Felt great.
.Went to Ev's appointment. Surgeon took x-rays, then said Evan can start walking again. Yay!!
.Went to Fashion Valley to return a bunch of shirts I had bought at Anthro the day before we found out the good news. {There's no way they would fit with a belly.}
.Went to LensCrafters, got Ev and eye exam.
.Talked to Mom. She could tell I was beat and recommended that I take it easy, get a good night's sleep. She still doesn't know. It's killing me!
.Ran to Michael's & Paper Source to buy materials for my vanilla sugar jars that are going to be in an eco-chic wedding magazine article called "Etsy Love." How exciting!
.Tired doesn't even BEGIN to describe it. And I have to be at yoga @ 8am tomorrow. Yikes!

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