Wednesday, November 11, 2009

{i am bliss}

I'm pretty sure yoga just saved my life...

Last week, a couple days before Evan & I found out we're having a bebe, I started private yoga lessons with Robin @ Coast Sanctuary in La Jolla. I had called to schedule a session about a month prior, mostly because I'd been feeling a little... blah. Also, my chiropractor Dave gets on my case about running and pushes yoga as a fitness alternative. Finally, I gave in and made the appointment.

There really aren't even words for how amazing I felt, both during and after my session. We focused on learning the correct form for basic poses like "Warrior," "Downward Dog," breathing exercises, and some chanting. {Yes, she chants while I do yoga, and it's amazing.} After my first session, I felt like a different person. I felt peaceful and happy and relaxed and just amazing. Sore the next day? Sure. But I couldn't wait to go again. It was like crack or something. Not that I would know, but they always say "you do it once and you're hooked." That's me. Hooked.

So I made my next appointment for this morning at 8am. Talk about a struggle, getting to La Jolla by 8! {Keep in mind that I had to get Evan up and drop him at work first, and he is NOT a morning person!} Thankfully, I am able to continue with our sessions, now that I'm preggo and all. We spent 75 minutes breathing, stretching, doing some pretty brutal poses, and then chanting and meditating at the end. There was this one chant that I really enjoyed:

"I am the light of my soul. I am bountiful, I am beautiful, I am bliss. I am, I am."

We chanted it over and over again, together, to music. It was really touching. Then, she had me lay down, visualize both my & the baby's body relaxing, and focus on the thought:

"I am completely relaxed. My baby is completely relaxed."

That one made me cry. It was a really peaceful moment for me. I don't think I had really concentrated on the baby's body yet. I've thought about how big he or she is, but I hadn't really focused on the baby being alive in there. It was intense.

Then we stretched a little more, gave thanks to each other, and I was off to work.

I feel like a different person. This morning was amazing, and I cannot wait to see Robin again next week. I feel like she just may have saved my spirit.

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