Monday, November 23, 2009

back from norcal!

Wow, this past week FLEW by! I've been so bad about journaling, sorry baby!

Evan & I went in for an early ultrasound on Wednesday, which was a lot of fun. We got to see our little baby's heart beating, and we received confirmation that I was exactly 5 weeks, 5 days pregnant {on 11/18.} It's crazy to think there's already a little heart beating inside me. Here's our ultrasound...

The next day, we were off to Northern California to celebrate Thanksgiving with Mom & attend my cousin Jacob's wedding. Since my mom's birthday was last week, I came up with a sneaky way to break the news to her. She picked us up at Oakland airport early Thursday morning, and off we went to San Francisco at Mama's Kitchen {cute, right?} Once we were seated, I handed her the card I made, which had a little envelope inside containing letters that spelled the word "Grandma." It took her a minute or so to piece them together in the right order, but when she did... WOW, talk about excited. Evan captured it all on video, which I will be sure to upload ASAP. Needless to say, she was ecstatic. I had started a scrapbook for her too, completely with the pic of us holding the + test, and our ultrasound, which she thoroughly enjoyed. After breakfast, "Grandma" picked up a couple stuff animals for her new grandbaby at a cute little toy shop in the Mission Districkt, and then we were on our way to Pleasanton. That night, we had an early Thanksgiving dinner. Mmm, pumpkin pie! Lots to be thankful for this year!

On Friday, we had a relaxing morning which included a yummy breakfast and "Sleepless in Seattle." We hopped in the Tahoe and left for Folsom around 2. Jacob & Disa's rehearsal dinner started at 6, so we checked into our hotel as soon as we arrived in town, relaxed a bit, and then headed down for dinner. It was so nice to see everyone- Dad, Melissa, Beverly, Aunt Julie, Jacob, & Joshua. Ooh, and the food was delicious. Mmm. After dinner, I persuaded Dad, Mel, & Bev to stop by our room for an early birthday party for Melissa. I made her a similar card, complete with the letters. She figured the word "Grandma" out in no time. There was lots of hugging going on in that tiny hotel room of ours! After about an hour of Dad reminiscing back to my childhood, everyone wandered off to their rooms and Evan & I went to sleep. Long day!

Saturday was the wedding, which was beautiful. It had rained the day before, but there wasn't a cloud in the sky the morning of the ceremony. Evan & I got all dressed up, then wandered down to meet up with the family around 11. The ceremony started promptly at 11:30, and we were eating a delicious lunch by 12. There was this penne pasta with sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts, oh my goodness. Seconds, anyone?! :P Speaking of yummy treats, Disa made these little candy favors, called Buckeyes, that were de-li-cious. I got to spend some time with Uncle Jeff at the reception, which was really nice. It's days like those that make us wish we all lived closer. Evan & I said our goodbyes and left shorty after the reception ended. We had a long drive ahead of us, and it was already getting dark. Dang these short winter days! We stopped and said "hello" to Evan's cousin, Ian, at his frat house in Berkeley {I've never been in a place that smelled so much like beer before, EVER,} and then we were on our way back to Pleasanton. Mom made homemade spaghetti sauce, so we stuff our bellies, then went to bed.

Daddy Chris came and picked us up Sunday morning for a day in the city. First, we stopped by the Skyy corporate office on the Embarcadero right across from Pier 39. Talk about an amazing place! After a really cool tour of the offices, Dad poured us a bunch of different drinks at the bar {yes, there is a full bar in the lobby.} I kept saying "I can't drink this," but he wasn't picking up on it. Dad walked away to grab some ginger vodka out of his boss' office, so I asked Evan, "How should we tell him?" Evan said to have him pour himself a drink, then make a toast. Good idea, babe. We toasted, and I said, "Dad, you are going to be a grandpa." He was so excited. We took a bunch of pictures, hung out for a bit, and then headed over to Sam Wo for some lunch. Ahhh, Sam Wo. Best chow mein ever. We ate and ate and ate, then went to Union Square to check out the Christmas decorations. Who knew that the massive tree they put in the middle of the square is a real tree? Crazy. People were ice skating, there were wreaths in all of Macy's windows, and there was the most adorable SPCA window display of baby kittens along Sutter Street. Gosh, I missed Dexter more than I thought! After walking our lunch of for a while, Dad took us to the airport. It was time to go home... already. Our trip went by soooo fast!

Now it's Monday, and I'm back at work. I should be tackling the piles that accumulated while I was gone last week, but I had to jot down some thoughts before they escape this increasingly forgetful brain of mine...

Random Thoughts...

.My Daddy Rich still has my crib in storage @ his house in Washington. And cute little dresses, and Rainbow Bright sleeping bags. Amazing, right?
.I'm still not really "craving" anything. Wonder when that will kick in?
.I'm peeing about 3x an hour. Fun times.
.Dexter slept on my chest last night. He never does that. I was in heaven.
.I'm so lucky to have such an amazing family! ♥


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