Friday, April 16, 2010

{sign language blocks}

Did you know that babies as young as three to four months old are capable of learning sign language? If you know me well, then you won't be surprised to hear that I will sign with our little one from the very beginning. Of course, she may not understand "more," "milk," "tired," "finished," or "I love you," for a couple months, or be capable of responding for several more. Eventually, a little light will go off, and she'll get it. That will be a day to remember. :o)

Imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon these Uncle Goose Braille Alphabet Blocks with American Sign Language. Each of the 28 beautiful, embossed ABC wooden blocks features letters, numerals, raised Braille dot, and American Sign Language illustrations. Baby needs these!!

{via, $32.30}

If you're interested in learning basic words to sign with your children, check out ASL Pro. Their website has free videos of how to sign every word imaginable, from "milk," to "please," to "dog." Enjoy!

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