Monday, April 26, 2010

{right now}

Outside my window... it's a June Gloom kind of day.
The time is... 11:21am.
Today I feel... hungry.
I am thinking... that we will have a new couch tonight. Exciting!
At the moment, I am thankful... that Evan is recovering quickly from his bike crash.
I am going... to a cloth diaper sale tonight.
I am wearing... jeans & an Anthro tank with a cardigan.
I wish... I could take a siesta.
I am reading... nothing in particular.
I am working on... the piles of work on my desk.
I am hoping... to sell the things we have on Craigslist ASAP.
I am hearing... hiccups. I have them constantly.
I bet you didn't know... that I really do like meat, I just don't eat it.
One of my favorite... condiments is mustard. Mmm.

{xo, danielle}


  1. anything good on cl? I just moved and need some houseware items :)

  2. We are selling a huge sectional couch, a coffee table, a gorgeous teak bench, and an end table.

    Ironically, we found our new couch on CL last night, so now we have two massive couches in our living room. It's a crazy situation, for sure. :P


    Couch & coffee table-


    {haven't taken pics or listed end table yet...}