Thursday, July 1, 2010

{dear little one}


I just realized that we only have 15 days left until your due date, V. Wow! <3 While your dad and I still have some minor things to do in preparation for your arrival, I'd say we are totally ready for you to come whenever you are.

Throughout the day, your dad asks me, "Are you going to have a baby today?" Ahh, how nice it would be to know the answer to that question! I've been having lots of practice surges, but nothing timeable. Not yet at least! We're all so excited to meet you this month. Yesss, it's finally July- your birth month. We still can't believe it.

It's such a gorgeous day today. Early this morning, your dad and I met with our doula, the amazing Dawn Thompson.  Afterward, Dad ran to work, I made lunch, and then I took the dog, Sky, for a walk through the neighborhood. Now, as I type this letter to you, your cloth diapers are in the washing machine. I finally started prepping them today, which involves washing & drying them five times in hot water. Why five times, you ask? Each cycle increases their absorbency. Muy importante! You are going to look soooo cute in all of your fluffy little purple, green, pink, and orange diapers.

Wellll, I've got about 30 minutes before the laundry needs rotating, so I think I'm going to lay down in the hammock for a little nap. It's one of those warm, summery, nap-in-a-hammock kind of days. Who am I to argue with Mother Nature? ;)

See you soon, precious...

PS: One of our family traditions is taking photos in the photo booths at the Del Mar Fair every year. You {ok- more like the belly,} made your first appearance in our annual photo booth picture on Tuesday. Pretty cute, right? :P

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