Thursday, July 1, 2010

{37 weeks}

How your baby's growing:

Your baby is now considered "full term," even though your due date is three weeks away. If you go into labor now, her lungs will likely be mature enough to fully adjust to life outside the womb.

Your baby weighs 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches, head to heel (like a stalk of Swiss chard). Many babies have a full head of hair at birth, with locks from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches long. But don't be surprised if your baby's hair isn't the same color as yours. Dark-haired couples are sometimes thrown for a loop when their children come out as blonds or redheads, and fair-haired couples have been surprised by Elvis look-alikes. And then, of course, some babies sport only peach fuzz.

  • How far along? 37 weeks, 6 days

  • Total weight gain/loss: around 22 lbs.

  • Sleep: I've developed quite the technique for rolling out of bed. It must be hilarious to watch. :P

  • Best moment this week: Spending time with the husband. Love him. <3 And our maternity photo shoot with Karen of The Legacy Boutique. We can't WAIT to see the pics.

  • Movement: Lots. A couple nights ago she pushed her leg out soooo far!

  • Food cravings: Acai bowls & Thai food from Spice & Rice. Mmm.

  • Gender: Girl :)

  • Labor Signs: Lots of practice surges, and she has officially dropped. Lots of pressure nowadays.

  • Belly Button in or out? Still in.

  • What I miss: Being comfortable.

  • What I am looking forward to: Fourth of July celebrations. Baking red velvet cookies. Placing the finishing touches on baby's nursery.

  • Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy these last few days/weeks alone with Evan. Cuddle. Take naps. Smile.

  • Milestones: On Monday,  Dr. Biter told me that her head has moved down into my pelvis. She's on her way out!

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