Monday, March 15, 2010

{is this what you would call nesting?}

It's official... I think I am finally "nesting." For the last several days, I haven't been able to stop redecorating our bathroom in my head. It needs to be painted. We desperately need a new shower curtain. Definitely new rugs, too. Preferably new tile, vanity and shower enclosure {wayyy out of our budget right now, but one can dream!}

Mmhmm. I'm nesting.

To hold me over until Evan & I get back from Japan {no time for any "optional projects" until then, trust,} here are a couple gorgeous shower curtains haunting my daydreams. I'm in love...

♥ bustled shower curtain, $118 ♥
{via anthropologie, of course...}

♥ flamenco shower curtain, $118 ♥
{another one from anthro, hehe}

1 comment:

  1. you are so creative!! I wonder if you could make one of these with different fabrics and a handy sewing machine?!
    great idea!!