Monday, January 18, 2010


Happy Monday! I just got back from my monthly OB check-up with Dr. Biter. We were told that today's exam was just a routine appointment to check my weight, blood pressure, and urine- no ultrasound or anything- so Evan decided to let me handle this one on my own. Welllll, change of plans! I mentioned to Dr. Biter that the NT screening tech thought the baby was a girl, so we were unsure about the gender again. He immediately jumped up and said "Well, let's go find out for sure!" and carted me off to the ultrasound room. Seriously?! I was so excited, but really bummed that Evan wasn't there. Was I really about to find out the gender of the baby without my husband? Kinda sad to think about! Note to self: Evan needs to come to all appointments from now on, just in case.

Once we got all set up in the ultrasound room, Dr. Biter turned the monitor on and got started. The baby is so much bigger than 2 weeks ago. Crazy! Baby looked very comfy, all snuggled up in my belly with his/her back to us. Heart rate was good- in the 140s again. We had a tough time seeing "the goods," but we both swear we saw a "sticker-outer" down there. Dr. Biter said the baby must be waiting for Dad for the big reveal, which I'm ok with. Until next time, mystery baby! :o)

Since the little one has its back to us, Dr. Biter was only able to get one picture of him/her- the most precious shot of the back of baby's head, neck, shoulders, and ears. So cute. We have another ultrasound appointment in two weeks, so hopefully baby will cooperate and stop being so modest, hehe. :P

Love you, baby!

{14 weeks, 3 days}

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