Monday, December 28, 2009

nursery idea {dwellstudio owl crib set}

Cutest. Bedding. Ever.

As a set, it's wayyy too expensive {$349!,} but I'm considering buying a bunch of the sheets, {$36,} and asking my lovely mother-in-law to turn them into bumpers, a quilt, etc. I keep watching for the set to go on sale, but it's one of DwellStudio's best sellers, so no such luck {yet.}

DwellStudio Owls Crib Set:

They even have matching bibs & burp cloths... I die.

{bib & burp cloth set, $32 @}

And this hooded bath towel? Precious!


  1. Yay for Jennifer, who found me a 40% coupon for the bedding! XO

  2. I love this bedding and came across your blog while doing some searches on it. Do you mind my asking where you found the 40% coupon? (online?)

  3. Not at all! A friend of mine found it while searching Google for "DwellStudio Owl Crib Set." Unfortunately, the owner of the shop offering said coupon {,} arbitrarily canceled my order after she realized she forgot to exclude DwellStudio from the 40% off discount. You can imagine my frustration! Such a bummer. Please let me know if you find a good price! {xo, danielle}

  4. Oh no! That stinks - especially after you had already ordered! I'm searching around but have found the same price everywhere. I did notice that Buy Buy Baby carries DwellStudio on their website. They don't have the owl set in stock (yet) but maybe they will soon. Then, you could use a 20% off coupon (either Buy Buy Baby, BabiesRus, or even Bed Bath and Beyond) if you happen to have a Buy Buy Baby nearby!