Thursday, June 10, 2010

{dear little one}

Hi pretty. Your dad & I got to see you this morning for the first time in 14 weeks. Talk about exciting! According to Dr. Biter's measurements, you are a little over five pounds and measuring a few days ahead of schedule. You are head-down {good girl!} and were sucking on your leg during the ultrasound. Yes, I said leg. I mean, why go for the normal thumb-sucking when you can reach your leg? You're already an overachiever, just like your mama. Dr. Biter also said you have pouty lips. Aww!

It's hard to believe that in five weeks {seven max,} you will be here in our arms, drooling, gurgling and wearing your cutesy cloth diapers and homemade headbands. We can't wait to meet you, precious.


Here's a pic from today's ultrasound @ 34 weeks, 6 days:

{you are so cute!}

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